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The YQT Hoodie

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Have you ever been wrapped in something so soft, made with so much love, from a place you cared so much about? We wanted to make sure everyone who cares about Thunder Bay had the chance to experience such a moment, so we created the Canadian Made, 50/50 Cotton/Poly blend, *magical garment that is the YQT Hoodie. Put this sucker on and you'll be so TBAY, you might as well be sitting in a backlane in Westfort sipping on a Crystal, or perhaps strolling down Bay street after downing a stack of Finn pancakes. Either way, we're pretty sure it will become one of your new favorite hoodies faster than you can get down the Harbour Expressway!


*garment does not actually possess any magical powers.


sizing (inches)   XS   S    M    L    XL   XXL

CHEST             39   40   43   46   49   52         

LENGTH          24   26   27   28   29   30